Jarrod is a freelance photographer that loves to meet new people. His laid-back approach to his shoots is an inviting space for old and new clients alike. He’s the kind of photographer that is able to deliver a relaxed, fun and professional work environment that clients wish for. Being able to balance these elements is a direct result of his personality. Never found without a smile and able to make people feel at ease are traits he uses to create inviting, authentic and energetic images. From his experience in the corporate advertising world, where he acquired an attention to detail, to documenting his extensive travels, where he was able to focus his shooting style in the real world, Jarrod is able to bring a wide skill set to his various clients. In Jarrod’s downtime, he can be found “relaxing” by skydiving, remodeling his 1890-era home, and backpacking with his wife on the other side of the world.